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The Natural World

Fascinating discovery toys for children interested in wildlife; insect kits, bug kits, butterfly kits, butterfly nets, wooden puzzles, excavation kits, and discovery kits for kids. With our wide range of discovery kits and science toys children will be able to learn all about the world around them. From the planets to birds to creepy crawlies; there is something for all inquisitive children amongst our kids science toys for the natural world.

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  • Traditional garden trolley

    Traditional garden trolley

    Classic children`s toy for boys and girls that like to be out and about and not leave anything behind! Learn More

  • Living Twig - Stick Insect Kit

    Living Twig - Stick Insect Kit

    s it a twig or an insect? Well, sort of both - it's an insect that looks just like a twig and behaves like one too! With this kit children can raise stick Insects from a tiny egg. Learn More

  • Antquarium


    This Antquarium is both a stylish, living, desktop conversation piece and a fascinating science project for the young and curious. This antquarium has been successfully tested by Nasa in zero gravity; the elegant clear plastic tank contains a specially-formulated gel that provides food, moisture and a home for a small colony of ants. Learn More

  • Butterfly Garden

    Butterfly Garden

    The butterfly garden brings the colour and wonder of butterflies into the home in a beautiful reusable 30cm habitat. Children will be fascinated by the life cycle changes as caterpillars turn into chrysalis and then butterflies. After observing the beautiful Painted Lady Butterflies release them in the garden or park! Kit includes certificate for 5 caterpillars and food and fun filled fact guide. Learn More

  • Worm World Science Kit

    Worm World Science Kit

    Another bestseller! Kids of all ages will enjoy observing the earthworms as they go about their essential daily business. A great opportunity for children to learn more about their importance in our ecosystem. Learn More

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