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Early Learning

In our early learning section we offer a wide variety of educational toys and developmental toys. Learning can be enhanced from the youngest of age; therefore even our baby toys offer elements for developmental skills. Our toys reflect the wide range of abilities, interests and needs of children of all ages and most of our wooden toys, puzzles and games can be adapted for children with special needs. Many of our educational toys and games clearly help with educational studies while other toys appear to be purely fun yet offer hidden benefits for every day life.

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  • Tell The Time Lotto

    Tell The Time Lotto

    What a lotto fun! A lotto game that is a unique and fun resource for both parents and teachers. They have a four by four grid enabling team play as well as individual play. Each game has two levels of play; either matching the same tiles for younger children, or matching equivalents for older children. A fun way to help with times tables practice. Age 7+ Learn More

  • Magnetic  European  Flags and Cities

    Magnetic European Flags and Cities

    A set of 20 flags of Europe with their country and capital city. Each flag is a 2 part puzzle and so helps children match each country with its corresponding city. A great product for the fridge and so children can learn and practice the countries, capital cities and flags on a day to day basis and have fun with the puzzles too. Learn More

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    Magnetic Words Years 3, 4 and 5.

    Magnetic Words Years 3, 4 and 5.

    Pack of 124 words which every child is expected to recognise by the end of year 5. Use this pack to build onto the Reception and Years 1 and 2 packs ;Can be used on any metal surface. They are perfect for learning to read and spell at home! Learn More

  • Activity Place Mat  - Multiplication 2

    Activity Place Mat - Multiplication 2

    Double-sided re-useable activity placemats for children to write-on and wipe-off. The `magic` is the `hidden answers` which are revealed by rubbing the heat sensitive ink `magic boxes`. Then after 4 minutes, the answers disappear again. A fun, educational maths resource which the children will use again and again. Includes 1 to 10 times tables in random order. With dry wipe pen. Learn More

  • Take Four Game

    Take Four Game

    A fast-paced crossword game that everyone plays at the same time. Suitable for children from around 7 to adults making it a great family game. Everyone takes four tiles and starts building words; the first player to use their tiles yells "Take Four" more! A player can change and rearrange their crossword at anytime. The first player to use the last tile wins! Easy to learn, it teaches word building, problem solving, creativity and strategic thinking. Ready...set...go! Learn More

  • Dig and Play - Medieval Quest

    Dig and Play - Medieval Quest

    Dig up 12 medieval soldier figures. Use them as checkers to play a Medieval Quest game. It`s an excavation project and a board game too! The game includes a 3D cardboard castle! Contents: Plaster block with 12 buried soldiers, 1 dice, 1 digging tool, 1 brush, 1 game sheet, 1 cardboard castle. Full instructions. Learn More

  • Chinese Antique Dig

    Chinese Antique Dig

    Using the tools provided carefully dig away to reveal a set of chinese treasures. Each kit varies and could contain either Terracotta army figures or a selection of Chinese antiques. These kits are educational and fun for a wide age group and will encourage a child`s interest in history and culture and teach methods used to discover our past. Kit includes digging tool, brush and instructions. Learn More

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