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Construction Kits

Plastic construction bricks have withstood the test of time because of their unlimited open-ended possibilities. Beyond the fun factor, for younger children, the brightly colored pieces and easily interlocking combinations provide hours of patterning practice and fine-motor development. Construction kits strengthen children's sorting skills, a key part of the pre-school maths curriculum. For all children, building bricks teaches how to think in three dimensions-- a precursor to physics. Children of all ages also hone creativity, problem-solving, and teamwork. These construction sets encourage interactive play, bringing family and friends together for hours of fun creativity.

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  • Roaring Mechanical T Rex Robot kit

    Roaring Mechanical T Rex Robot kit

    Dinosaur diy kit that responds to noise. 85 rugged components, this kit can walk, nod, wag its tail and roar. Learn More

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    This Zoob construction toy comes with 20 pieces to make a variety of vehicles Learn More
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  • Wooden Transformbot

    Wooden Transformbot

    This transforming robot toy is made from several wooden blocks linked together by ultra strong elastic. . Each block contains a series of grooves, allowing them to be twisted and turned and re-locked into hundreds of different configurations. The standard formation is either a robot figure or a car but the possibilities include everything inbetween ! Learn More

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  • Butterfly Magnets

    Butterfly Magnets

    Create beautiful sculptures wit this unique butterfly magnet kit. Contains a base and 8 butterflies. Pile the butterflies up in any order or design and they will magically stick together. Learn More

  • Glow in the Dark Rail Race

    Glow in the Dark Rail Race

    Automated marble run set with ten metres of glow in the dark tubing to build the track. All parts simply clip and slot together as detailed by the thorough instructional booklet included. Once assembled, steel marbles are taken to the top of the track via the twisting lift before rolling down the glowing track, back to the bottom of the lift and repeating the run. Learn More

  • Daisy Fun

    Daisy Fun

    Wooden Daisy Fun is a set of stacking discs that can create infinite creative possibilities and capture the imagination of youngsters. The colourful discs can be connected together to make some weird and wonderful shapes. Learn More

  • Twist and Lock blocks

    Twist and Lock blocks

    Coloured wooden blocks strung together with elastic allowing them to be angled to make shapes and figures Learn More

  • Wooden Tools Workbench

    Wooden Tools Workbench

    A large workbench for all young children who like to emulate their parents and love the idea of DIY. Includes screwdriver, saw, hammer, spanner and screwdriver that can be used with the bolts provided. Learn More

  • Carpenters Toolbox

    Carpenters Toolbox

    Powertools workbox and work bench in one! The tools are stored in the upturned bench. Includes wooden spanner, hammer, screwdriver, bolts, screws and nuts.Two great toys in one! The perfect gift for DIY enthusiasts! W:370mm x D:150mm Learn More

  • Dynamo Torch

    Dynamo Torch

    Turn a simple toy motor into a generator that converts hand motion into electrical energy and powers a light bulb. No battery, no pollution, just amazement. Contents include plastic casing LED light bulb, toy motor, gears and detailed instructions. Learn More

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