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Language and Literacy

Language and Literacy 2018-07-24 17:03:06

What can be more important to your child’s development than language and literacy? However, many children still grow up struggling with their language and literacy skills. You can give your child a head start by introducing language and literacy at an early age; waiting until children go to school before they are encouraged to develop their language and literacy skills will only create difficulties later. There are so many ways in which we can make learning fun for our children;  simply games like ‘I spy with my little eye’ and the alphabet song will help with recognition of words and letters while it is never too early to read to your child - the youngest baby loves to hear their parents voices; slowly the spoken words will connect to the pictures and the pictures will connect to the written words.  

Encourage your child to learn to write the letters of their name and favorite toys. Big cardboard cut outs of letters are great fro tracing and colouring and dot to dot of letters is a good way to practice writing. All activities will help to boost your child’s confidence and development.

The more a child is shown letters and encouraged to sound them out or just play with them the faster your child will naturally develop their language and literacy skills. There are many toys on the market which specifically help children with their language and literacy such as colourful alphabet books, pop up letter books, magnetic fridge letters, wipe clean white boards and so on. We all know children love to touch and feel things so why not get them some letters they can safely play with. Puzzles are great too - colourful puzzles where the letters are placed in sequence to create the alphabet are a great early learning tool. 

Developed and designed for Smart Start Toys we have a beautifully embroidered wall hanging that is a unique learning tool for young children as they take their first steps into reading and spelling. The chart includes 40 first words that are taught in the primary classroom and include words that cover first combinations of vowels and consonants. Each word has a corresponding picture and there are enough letters to spell each word. Just follow the link My first words.